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In the past 2 years (2016-2017) through PNT Housing, Our Founder and staff members have helped over 4200 applicants by providing information and services to meet their needs.
With more support from donors like you we can increase this number exponentially!

We must have your support to continue this valuable service. Together we can make a difference.

Please Note* All Donations ARE Tax Deductible: 99% of all donations will go directly to those in need, 1% goes only to support of the business.

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Send videos to In it, please give a brief description of your homeless situation and circumstances, your name, any children's name/age, why you are homeless, etc. 

A Homeless Shelter
Offering a Better Tomorrow

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A Nationwide 501(c)(3) Charity
*All Donations are Tax Deductible

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Transitional Housing for the Newly Homeless

Placement Network Transitional Housing based in San Diego, CA, provides transitional housing for newly homeless and abused women, men, children, and others in crisis nationwide. Our mission is to provide services to those in crisis who are newly homeless by ensuring a smooth transition into a private community home atmosphere. With this mission we can get women, men, children, and others off the streets before they become a statistic and help them re-establish themselves in the community.

Our Story

In operation since 1999, we have been providing Transitional housing to those in need. We continuously strive to provide the best solutions for all parties involved and increase community awareness. With your help of gifts and donations we can continue to be the voice of the community of the newly homeless. Please help us continue to improve our services so that those who depend on us can have a better outlook from their current circumstances. Together we can make a difference nationwide.

About Us

Make a difference by supporting Placement Network Transitional Housing. We are a homeless shelter offering outreach programs in San Diego, California and nationwide. Our programs target teens and individuals living on the streets, runaways, and others in crisis. We are also looking to provide permanent housing under the HUD program.  Our current project is working on permanent housing for the low income individuals in Newark, New Jersey.

The Fresh New Start Initiative

Contact us for details about our homeless shelter for women and children.

Campaign Fundraiser

Campaign Fundraiser

We here at PNTH are dedicated to support various groups of people through fundraisers supported by donors and gift givers.

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Support Our Cause

Support Our Cause

Donations and Volunteers help us provide services to the homeless and children to keep them off the streets.

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About Us

About Us

Since 1999, PNTH has been offering a wide array of assistance to women, children, and veterans in need of support to reestablish and reintegrate themselves into the community.

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Together We Can Save Lives and Make a Difference Year Round

We depend on your support and assistance to make this happen. Your contributions help us connect individuals to many programs and agencies but also provide emergency assistance, help re-establish the individual and provide safety with after care. 

Emergency Assistance and Housing:

• Remove You From the Immediate Danger
• Collect Your Information to Access a Plan of Action

• Provide Immediate Assistance With Shelter
• Follow-up with After Care

Re-Establish and Provide Safety with After Care:

• Affordable Permanent Housing for Low Income Individuals (HUD)
• Re-entering Job Market
• Job Referrals

• Follow Up Treatments
• Provide Safe Haven

Application For Transitional Housing Assistance

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Programs We Support

We assist our clients with job placement, finances (rent/deposit assistance), drug and alcohol abuse counseling services, as well as physical and mental abuse counseling referrals. We also help children, including pregnant youth, newly HIV-diagnosed teens, and children without a stable home environment. We are linked to social services, mental health and abuse centers, the social welfare department, and all of the community outreach services.

A Shelter Supporting Those in Crisis

Our goal is to get women, children, and others off the streets before they become a statistic. With your assistance, we can help them reestablish themselves in the community. We offer a wide range of programs to help those in need, including counseling, job training, and financial assistance offering our services nationwide. 

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted.
For checks please make payable to Placement Network Transitional Housing (PNTH).

Serving Nationwide, Your Contribution is Tax deductible.

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