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In operation since 1999, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving nationwide that is proud to offer transitional housing, counseling, and assistance to newly homeless women, children, and veterans in crisis.

"PNTH" Mission Statement

Your gift does more than just help them in temporary transitional housing. Did you know that your gift does much more than help children and others who are homeless that live on the streets escape from unsafe and homeless conditions? Our goal is to get women, children, and others off the streets before they become a statistic and help them reestablish themselves in the community. Help the Homeless! Our mission is to provide services to those in crisis who are newly homeless by ensuring a smooth transition into a private community home atmosphere. Thanks for your support, every donation will help homeless children and others get their lives back.Offering our Services Nationwide, All Contributions are tax deductable.

The Founder and Director Lalisa Summers

Lalisa is a blind individual from the age of 18, but she always strived to show her capability to achieve. She has completed her certification for Drug and Alcohol Counseling, she is also a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. She has earned several college degrees and other certificates: San Diego City College A.A. in Business 1982 (Marketing and Advertising),  Operated several licensed businesses which dealt with home bound seniors and disabled persons, those businesses extended over 20 years. She held a license to operate a business for the prison system in the state of South Carolina which was held for over 10 years, that license was issued by: The Agency of The Randolph Shepard Act allowing her to run all vendors commodities in the prison system. She has been a motivational speaker with a Certificate of Appreciation from the San Diego City College, dated Sept 23 2011.

Even though she has lived as a person with disabilities, she refuses to be defined by her circumstances, which helps her  to understand others who may find themselves in similar circumstances such as being homeless in her surrounding communities. She has made this her life goal to help others that are newly homeless to have a safe place to reestablish their lives and to become vital citizens in their community as well as others in need of transitional housing. 

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For checks please make payable to Placement Network Transitional Housing (PNTH).

Serving Nationwide, all Contributions are Tax deductible.

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Entity Status

We have a statement from the Dept of Franchise Tax, that PNTH is in good standing:

Entity Section(501C)
Organization #9769568
Charitable 23701D

Tax exempted organization from the business entity section of federal and state tax exempt 501C for the purpose of providing transitional housing for the newly homeless in the community. We are a tax exempt organization our tax filing dates is Dec 31th each physical year. For further information regarding this entity please call : 916-845-4171. Contact Mr. George Walker for exempt organization.

To give an online donation or by mail donation for domestic housing assistance or to help runaway teens from abuse please contact us today at or call us at (973) 391-5876

*All Donations are Tax Deductible
*A Nationwide 501(c)(3) Charity