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Placement Network Transitional Housing is being solely supported by the founder, and has been since 1999, but is seeking grants from organizations such as HUD, federal housing administration and other state and corporate support. In the meantime, with your support we can continue to assist those in crises and with their basic needs such as affordable housing. Remember this is tax deductible no matter the amount that you give. Please help us with this cause.

In the past 2 years (2016-2017) through PNT Housing, Our Founder and staff members have helped over 4200 applicants by providing information and services to meet their needs. With more support from donors like you we can increase this number exponentially.

We must have your support to continue this valuable service. Together we can make a difference.

• Affordable Permanent Housing for Low Income Individuals (HUD)

• Re-entering Job Market

• Job Referrals

• Follow Up Treatments

• Provide Safe Haven